Vauxhall c20xe race engine

Vauxhall c20xe let engine cover. Not sure which car it came from. By placing a bid or buying an item customers agree with all our terms and conditions. Geheimprojekt opel kadett b: c20xe dohc 2. Vauxhall red top had this in my corsa b it's only a bare engine what u see is what u get stripped most of the parts off it for the new engine i built.

Original manufacturers lamp oem replacement bulb. Allspeed subframe, engine mounts only. If you believe an item has gone missing first contact your local royal mail sorting office to see if it is being held for any reason. Can pallet for delivery although would prefer collection. Nodiz 3d ignition ecu with full loom for vauxhall. Engine was running fine, didn't smoke. Vauxhall astra f calibra 2.

vauxhall c20xe race engine

Complete engine standard with a type 9 ford gear box 5 speed and a complete wiring loom and ecu. International shipping also available - see checkout for postage costs. I brought this engine to go in my escort but i'm now going yb so i don't need it. Vauxhall c20xe reinz engine gasket wossner forged. Used, complete engine block and head. Uk and european union buyers only for this item due to customs restrictions.

Payment information we accept all paypal payment methods, please note that echeques can take up to an additional 7 working days to clear. Item is located in Stockbridge. Sharp rlmpfcezz - ushio replacement bulb. Never got round to fitting these before i sold my manta. Vauxhall redtop xe motor for holding your brew.It has a capacity of cc 2. Incidentally, the 20XE engine was a further development of the model 8v 20NE engine.

This was due to new emission standards, which forced manufacturers to specify their cars with a catalytic converter and a lambda sensor - this requirement permitted the fitment of a new generation of Engine Management Systems Bosch Motronic 2. Enthusiasts commonly refer to this engine as the 'Red Top' or just 'XE' because of the appearance of the red L-shaped spark plug cover.

This was red, but black colours are available, and the rocker cover was only available in silver. It is still revered and sought after by enthusiasts today nearly two decades later.

A version of the engine also appeared in Lada cars in the late s. Some versions of the engine implemented switchable Traction Control commonly included in the early Astra GSi models. The inlet had a secondary throttle valve sandwiched underneath the primary throttle body.

The engine was also equipped with a different Throttle Position Sensor six pin, as opposed to threeand a different Coolant Temperature Sensor which was black, as opposed to the normal light blue colour. In its last version before production ended, the C20XE came with a new engine management system which included a distributorless ignition system, namely Bosch Motronic 2.

The engines that appeared in the early 90's also swapped the cast metal spark plug cover for a cheaper and less regarded plastic version. The 20XE has now evolved into a large family of GM 16v engines, one of which is a 2. It was borrowed to Fiat and Alfa Romeofor the Croma and the respectively.

All of the 2 litre engine of this era share the same cast iron engine block with the exception of the oil return for the turbo on the C20LET. The engine was originally intended for race application, hence Cosworth 's involvement.

The C20XE engine's heads came in two notable forms. These are usually more sought after, due to their superior casting qualities, over the GM version which was introduced some time in appearing with the Astra GSi. One of the alleged qualities of the 'COSCAST' head is its inherent resistance to porosity; this was achieved by eliminating the presence of tiny air bubbles during the casting process.

The Coscast head can be identified by a 'Coscast' logo which is stamped under the 3rd exhaust port.

vauxhall c20xe race engine

Incidentally, the presence of welsch plugs proved to be the sole means of identification for a GM manufactured head. Since an engine's oil pressure is much higher than its coolant pressure, oil in a porus head has a tendency to gradually seep into the cooling galleries.

A typical symptom of a porous head is usually a ' mayonnaise '-like substance in the coolant residing on the cap. However, symptoms of a porous head have a tendency to vary, depending on the degree of porosity.

Many C20XE operators have described the symptom as a curry-like residue or in more severe cases, a thick brown sludge. During the porous head debarcle, GM faced bankruptcy - therefore dealers failed to recall affected models. Typically, the amount of cylinder heads that were reportedly porous remained relatively low. The early engines used round tooth cambeltsthe later used square with a plastic pre-tensioner.

There are also subtle differences between the crankshaft, and visible difference in the pattern of the SFi airbox. The C20XE has seen extensive use in motorsport. Typical uses for the engine have ranged from hillclimb events, to open wheel racing categories.

Despite its age, it remains the powerplant of choice for many Formula 3 teams and has most recently found acclaim in the Australian F3 scene where Tim Macrow, the Australian F3 champion, drove an Opel-Spiess powered car to claim victory. Many aftermarket tuners have further developed the C20XE for racing purposes. The engine is an option in Westfield kitcars.Last month TRC showcased a brace of powerplants well suited to budget motorsport applications and Vauxhall's cc C20XE valve motor came right near the top of the list.

With bhp and lb ft of torque as standard, tuners quickly realised the power potential of the C20XE, which could be readily unlocked affordably and reliably if carried out correctly. Even today the motor is very popular in a huge variety of motorsport disciplines from single-seaters, to Westfields, to MK2 Escort rally cars and track day Astras and Novas, where its reliable, torquey power delivery and affordable nature are much in demand.

But how do you extract the best from this engine on a budget? Over to you Steve. Most of the components are good for bhp. The rods can cope with that - the only reason we advise against it is that if the engine is over-revved it can cause problems. Even the pistons are fantastic. The original piston is a forged item - it's beautiful. The entire bottom end of the C20XE is very strong, especially the crankshaft. Even with an engine has run out of oil and the con-rod has disappeared out to the side of the block the crank is still in one piece!

Packing decent-sized valves and ports and a highly efficient combustion chamber shape, the alloy valve head will flow enough air to reach bhp before modifications are required. Once Cosworth's engineers had finished with their design, the new valve engine was churning out a smooth, torquey bhp, complete with a upgraded bottom end, designed with an eye on Group A and Group N rallying and touring car racing.

Therefore any C20XE built up to about will use a Coscast cylinder head, whereas beyond this point GM switched to a production item, cast and machined by Karl Schmidt in Germany. Distributorless ignition arrived inwhile internally there were a number of changes, which make the later engines less attractive, as Steve explains. Finally the bearing size and material was reduced in size and quality. During the redesign the block was given a makeover, so ironically given the downspeccing of the rest of the design, the later engine blocks are actually stronger than the early ones.

That wasn't quite the end of the C20XE-LN, because the engine was still being produced in and for overseas markets, including Turkey. These engines will be at least 11 years old, but Steve reckons that's not a reason to walk away, because these motors are tough. For an easy overhaul Steve recommends the following. I'd possibly replace the oil pump, plus change the cambelt and pulley idlers.

You don't have to take the engine out of the car to do this, you can do it all in situ. Symptoms of this problem are similar to those of head gasket failure - a film of oil in the water and a milky liquid in the sump - but curing it is difficult.

Finally, don't dismiss the very late engine that ran 'Ecotech' badging, because it may still be worth a punt. Certainly the earlier distributor-equipped engine is the one to go for, because it's more likely to have a Cosworth head, plus the better bearing and pistons, even though it may have covered more miles. Interestingly, Steve reckons his ideal combination for an engine that he'd run in near standard trim would be to run an early crankshaft, in a later block which was strongerwith a Coscast head.

Well, step number one is replacing the standard exhaust manifold, as the standard item was designed to maximise low-end torque.

At high revs this becomes a restriction, so it's critical that it's upgraded at the earliest opportunity. Steve explains - "Apparently the first pre-production engines from Cosworth produced bhp as standard but they wanted more torque for the road which they got by making the manifold's pipes smaller. This also helped reduce emissions by keeping the gas speed up, but when you get up to the top end it becomes a restriction.

Happily, SBD has a huge range of manifolds for a wide variety of applications, whether front-wheel drive Astra, Westfield, Caterham or rear-wheel drive Escort or Manta.

Bear in mind that even on a standard engine a bhp gain can be expected when used with an efficient exhaust system. When the XE engine is used in front-wheel drive applications it's common to see the cars puffing smoke during hard cornering on circuit use. Sometimes on track use under heavy cornering the oil goes up that pipe and into the cam cover and it can't get out.

This can detonate the engine where the oil mixes with the fuel in the cylinder head, but there's an easy modification to the baffle so that it dumps the oil back in again and cures the problem.

When the engine is transplanted into rear-wheel drive cars, more work is needed on the oil system - SBD advises using a hard-to-find Manta sump - while they produce a sump for the rear-wheel drive Sunbeam. Steve makes the point that these days switching to carbs' may be a false economy, particularly as the Weber DCOE is no longer available. Yes, it's a good, quick way of getting the engine to run, but if you go to throttle bodies you've got all the fuel lines you need already.Here I have for sale is a vauxhall c20xe Let an engine ecu thought to be for the 1.

Great looking vauxhall c20xe engineonly used twice. Have a good look at the pictures as I'm having a clear out. Please pay straight away as I will only post from Hemel Hempstead once payment has cleared. Many thanks. Vaux black top black car valve tyre dust caps. An engine ecu thought to be for the 1. Home About Us Newsletter View Feedback great little low mileage engine for vauxhallcorsa, astra or other vauxhall using the same engine.

Vauxhall astra f calibra 2. Vauxhall corsa 1. Great little low mileage engine for vauxhallcorsa, astra or other vauxhall using the same engine. What we sell at electric mania we sell new and grade Home About Us Contact Us Product Description opel vauxhall radiator fan blade sticker attention engine bay vauxhall nova. For sale worldwide Wiring loom plugs CUT to suit selling my vauxhall corsa it's in perfect condition super clean engine has extreme low mileagefull service history by vauxhall.

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Brand new nudestix lipp cheek pencil - love with sharpener check out my other items. Not much of a network guy so here's some information In the unlikely event that you would like to return your ite For sale worldwide 1x front engine bracket to vauxhall vivaro engine 1. Home About Us Contact Us Product Description mbe engine management system with all the ancillaries to fit vauxhall red top, believed to be mapped for 2. For sale worldwide 1x front engine bracket to vauxhall corsa c 1.

We only sell online which allows us to offer our products at the low Mbe engine management system with all the ancillaries to fit vauxhall red top, believed to be mapped for 2.The Family II is a straight-4 piston engine that was originally developed by Opel in the s, debuting in The engine features a cast iron block, an aluminium head, and a timing belt driven valvetrain.

GM Family II engine

The timing belt also drives the water pump. Ina 2. The Family II also spawned two diesel variants, the 1. These engines are sometimes referred to as "Big-block" engines by enthusiasts; in contrast to the smaller Family 1 engines which are sometimes referred to as the "Small-block" engines.

The development track of these engines split inwith the introduction of the 20XE ; which featured a valve DOHC head. Variations include displacements from 1. These engines formed the basis of the modern Family II lineup. Configuration was limited to a single over head cam, and two valves per cylinder in a cross flow layout 8 valves total. The 1. Opel began production of the 1. It also had a compression ratio and a Bosch injection pump. It was originally available as the 18N and the 18S, for low and high octane petrol respectively.

Inthe 1. They also feature fuel injectionan aluminum crossflow cylinder head with a belt-driven overhead camshaft, electronic ignitiona six-bolt flywheeland a 6, rpm redline. Originally, developed by Opelthese engines have been used in Brazilian market vehicles, Korean market vehicles and North American market vehicles; with the first versions appearing in In the Brazilian market these engines are still built under the FlexPower name.

Differences between the engines are usually emissions related. However, the 20SEH version was more powerful version produced for Opel's sportier models; it featured a more aggressive camshaft, and high compression pistons. The engine was equipped with a water-cooled Garrett T turbocharger; however it did not utilize an intercooler.

The 2. This engine replaced the 2. The naturally aspirated valve version of the 2. The cylinder heads were manufactured by either Coscast or, at a later date, Kolbenschmidt.

The 20XE came into production in The engine was designed by Cosworth, UK. The engine was originally intended for race application, hence Cosworth 's involvement. Long spark plugs are used and positioned concentric to the cylinder. The later engine were suffixed C20XELN to indicate 'Low Noise' revisions smaller cylinder head port, cast pistons, and different crank bearing size in line with EU regulations.

In the C20XE was introduced, and was fitted with a catalyst and oxygen sensor in the exhaust. This was due to new emission standards, which forced manufacturers to equip their cars with a catalytic converter and a lambda or oxygen sensor — this requirement permitted the fitment of the Bosch Motronic 2.

Vauxhall Xe 2.0 Litre 284 BHP 192 ft-lbs (Anderson Racing Engines)

Vauxhall complied with the new emission controls inalthough the legislation wasn't law until Vehicles fitted with the C20XE engine produced before can have their catalytic converter legally removed, and the vehicle will still comply with MOT regulations. Some versions of the engine implemented switchable Traction Control commonly included in the early Astra GSi models. The inlet had a secondary throttle valve sandwiched underneath the primary throttle body.

The engine was also equipped with a different throttle position sensor six pin, as opposed to threeand a different coolant temperature sensor which was black, as opposed to the normal light blue colour. The engines that appeared in the early s also swapped the cast metal spark plug cover for a cheaper and less regarded plastic version. Those used round tooth cambelts while the later used square with a plastic pre-tensioner.About this item detail About this item. Item description detail Seller's description.

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vauxhall c20xe race engine

Dan Standley. Related items to consider. About this item. United Kingdom. Other Part Number. Manufacturer Part Number. See all. Item description " 1x Set of ZX10R Throttle Bodies, retaining original cc injectors, suitable for power outputs in excess of bhp! This is achieved with a crank position sensor reading a toothed profile For example: Fordor Vauxhall either on the engines flywheel or front pulley.

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Vauxhall XE (C20XE)

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