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We present you the rarest and most expensive stamps, but this is not an all-encompassing set. Various nuances, such as a secret mark or a curl, not obvious and not evident at first sight, can make an ordinary stamp expensive.

So not every stamp that looks like a stamp that appears on this page can be that expensive. If you want to identify your stamp that looks like one of the stamps on this list, you need to check all of its varieties this information is available to our subscribers on our website. When compared with other countries, the history of Belgium is fairly brief. The first Belgian stamps, known as "Epaulettes", were issued in Designed by legendary artist and lithographer Charles Baugniet, these were two imperforate items in 10 and 20 centime denominations that featured an engraving of King Leopold I.

However, there are other rare Belgian stamps that can be worth some serious coin. For philately enthusiasts, Belgium presents a remarkably consistent philatelic history that occupies both professional and hobbyist collectors.

Belgium riddim sample pack reddit Epaulettes in strip of six of the first emission is a striking philatelic rarity.

The reason for this is that these items were only intended for postal use within Belgium. When they began to circulate in Europe, there was nothing but admiration.

Postage stamps and postal history of Togo

The first Belgian stamps were engraved, imperforate, and printed on paper with a framed monogram watermark. The design soon became regarded as the most attractive of any stamp issued. The image of the king appears to be in the center, unsupported, and contrasted by a subtle floral design tapestry, ornamental but barely noticed and not distracting. This multiple is the most important known. Many stamps were issued there untilwhen the area became the Republic of the Congo Leopoldville.

One of the most famous issues of this period is Belgian Congo 10f centre invert. This is an extraordinarily rare Belgian stamp, of which only around five examples survived. Many specimens of this unique item have some faults, though there are few stamps in a fine condition; they are especially sought after.

The Belgian Congo, green 10F with centre inverted is a truly beautiful stamp, which many collectors could idly gaze at as it seldom appears on the philatelic market. The Inverted Dendermonde is considered to be one the most expensive and one of the most famous error stamps of Belgium. This unique item was first issued inand it features the image of town hall of Dendermonde upside down. Dendermonde is a small city in East Flanders that suffered heavy damage from the war. The post office withdrew these items before they could be sold to the general public.

The other copies of this remarkable error probably were used on mail and later destroyed. There are just 14 copies known to exist, one of which is in the collection of chess legend Anatoly Karpov. The epaulettes were the first stamps issued for public use in Belgium in These items feature the portrait of King Leopold I, the ruler of Belgium during that time. This unique series of stamps gets its name because the king is wearing his famous epaulettes in the picture. Two denominations with the same design were issued simultaneously: a brown 10 centimes and a blue 20 centimes.

In truth, the ten centimes value is often the rarer of the two. These stamps are very special due to the fact that they were released at the height of the Great Depression.

The uniqueness of this issue is that it has tremendously high denomination It features Madonna and Arms of Seven Abbeys.Postage stamps are repositories of history. They give a unique perspective into the history of its period and place. Either due to some errors or other specialties, some of the stamps have acquired super star status among their kind.

These stamps are held in high regard by the collectors and are estimated to be worth millions.

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Here is a list of 10 of the most valuable and rarest postage stamps in history. It was the first tricolor stamp in the world and had a face value of 2. Basel was one of the only three Swiss cantons to print postal stamps. The Basel Dove, depicting a white dove carrying a letter in its beak, was designed by architect Melchior Berri. It sported the colours black, crimson and blue.

Around 42, stamps were printed in the series until it was withdrawn in The Penny Black was the first adhesive postage stamp in the world, introduced by Britain. It features the profile of the British Queen Victoria. The stamp gets its name from both the colour and value of it. First issued init was withdrawn in a year because the cancellation mark was difficult to spot in the black background.

A number of unused sheets of these stamps are kept at British Postal Museum. This Chinese stamp was issued induring the Cultural Revolution. With a face value of 8 fen, it was noted for its printing error. The stamp was conceived to represent the expansion of Communism in China. However, the map of Taiwan, which was controlled by China, was not red, but white. An editor from SinoMaps Press noticed the error by afternoon of the issue date and the stamps were immediately recalled, though a few went to the collectors.

They are among the rarest postage stamps now. Issued by the then Kingdom of Hawaii inthese are amongst the rarest postage stamps in the world.

The stamps were in three denominations; 2 cents, 5 cents and 13 cents. All of the stamps were made on blue paper of cheap quality. The design consisted of the numeral of denomination in the center and the denomination in words at the bottom. The 2-cent version is the rarest among the three, with only 15 of them existing. It was issued in to replacement the existing two-colour two-pence stamp bearing the profile of King Edward VII.

The new stamp, with face value of two pence, also featured the king. In total, 24 million stamps were printed but following the unexpected demise of the king in May that year, almost all of the stamps were destroyed. A few stamps exist though their actual number is not known.

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The only known used stamp is in the Royal Philatelic Collection. You may also like: 10 Rare Historical Photographs.

rare togo stamps

Also known as the Black Empress of Canada, this stamp was issued in and is one of the rarest now. This design is called Chalon Head. Even though more than fifty-thousand copies were printed, a small number of the stamps were sold. Inthe unsold stamps were withdrawn and destroyed. It is believed that only a little more than stamps of this kind exist now. It was first issued on 10 May We list 23 of the rarest and most valuable of all stamps ever printed.

In postage stamp collecting, rarity significantly increases the value of old stamps. What better way to start than by paying homage to the first stamp in the world, the One Penny Black stamp. Early printing of these old postage stamps were attached and had to be cut with scissors. Today, unused Penny Black stamps are very rare to find. You are in luck if you find one as stamp collectors aspire to have this vintage stamp in their rare stamp collection.

Some but not all of the old rare stamps are commonly error stamps. These are the famous and very rare stamps of the world today. The Two Penny Blue Stamps Another error postage stamp, these rare stamps were originally issued in one penny and two penny definitive stamps. At present, this rare stamp value is estimated over a million dollars.

rare togo stamps

There is only one specimen left for this most expensive ever. Postmaster General Charles Connell used his own portrait on the 5 cent stamp, the value most commonly used in the Canadian colony. Nicholas F. Seebeck, a representative of the Hamilton Banknote Company in New York, contracted to print stamps for these nations at no charge, provided all unsold stamps were invalidated and returned to him.

He sold these rare collectible stamps and other postage stamps reprinted from the original plates to collectors at a fraction of their face value. The face value of this highly valuable stamp is 24 cents. This rare postal stamp is also known as the inverted Jenny stamp, as the design on the vignette is a Curtiss JN-4 airplane that was accidentally printed upside-down. Two collectors, one in New Jersey and one in Ohio, each bought a sheet of this commemorative, which had the yellow background inverted.

On discovering the existence of the error, the Post Office Dept. Postmaster General James A.

rare togo stamps

Roosevelt, by giving them ungummed and unperforated sheets of certain commemorative stamps. After strong and continued protests from American rare stamp collectors, the government was forced to reissue the postage stamps in an ungummed and imperforated form, and make them available to the general public. This is perhaps the most expensive stamp in the world as of the year The regular issues of the three skilling triskilling definitive stamps are colored green.

However, this very rare treskilling stamp was mistakenly printed in yellow. There is only one specimen of the treskilling error postage stamp which a schoolboy accidentally found in old attic.German version of this page The most expensive and valuabe stamps at the online auction ebay. Only 16 stamps issued. Dies ist die teuerste dt. Some very expensive stamps of the world Catalogue Number Description Approx. Lebanon 5 Cents,Postmaster in Mt. It was printed with the ink color meant for the 8 skilling banco of the same set.

At least in the stamp was sold for 2. In my research over the years extremely rare stamps like the mauritius stamps have sold at auctions usually for 3 to 4 times the catalogued value. Dendermonde upside-down sold for 3. If i found a better picture i mail you. Books and catalogs about stamps at amazon. Disclaimer of sammler. Add to favorites. Email this page. The most expensive and famous postage stamps of Germany and the world Here you find a list of the most famous and most expensive postage stamps of Germany and the whole world.

The most expensive and famous postage stamps of Austria. The most expensive and famous postage stamps of Switzerland. The most expensive actual US stamp lots at ebay.

The most expensive and valuabe stamps at the online auction ebay. Marke mit einer Hauptnummer. The most expensive german stamp incl.Your source for high-quality, affordable U.

Christopher 4 St. Helena 39 St. Kitts-Nevis 11 St. Lucia 12 St. Having problems with this website? Email us or call All rights reserved. Afghanistan 4th Asian Games, complete set of imperf. Afghanistan Boy Scouts, set in imperf. Afghanistan Postal Tax Stamps, set of two sheet margin blocks of four, never hinged. Afghanistan United Nations Fifth Anniversary. Ajman Manama, 20r Apollo 15 souvenir sheet, gold stamp inverted, plus single stamp on registered cover to New York, with Ajman registration postmark and arrival on reverse, with APS certificate.

Ajman Ajman, 20r Napoleon souvenir sheet, gold stamp inverted, never hinged, with normal for comparison. Ajman Pan Arab Games. Albania 10pa blue green, used, faint toning, signed Sorani.

rare togo stamps

Albania 20pa carmine rose, used, signed Rommerskirchen. Albania 1p handstamp on laid paper, without Eagle and value, rouletted, partial cancel which barely touches the stamp. Albania Visit of Prince Wilhelm, set of six on cover from Elbasan to Qukes, with arrival on reverse.

Albania Constituent Assembly, complete set, never hinged. Albania Return of the Government to the Capital, complete set, never hinged. Albania Proclamation of the Republic, complete set, hinged. Albania Overprints, complete set, never hinged.

Albania 1q-1f, complete set, 1f lightly hinged, balance used. Albania 10th Anniversary of Royal Rule, complete set, hinged. Albania Independent State overprints, complete set, never hinged.

Albania Balkan Games, complete set, never hinged but slightly dried gum.We present you the rarest and most expensive stamps, but this is not an all-encompassing set.

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Various nuances, such as a secret mark or a curl, not obvious and not evident at first sight, can make an ordinary stamp expensive. So not every stamp that looks like a stamp that appears on this page can be that expensive. If you want to identify your stamp that looks like one of the stamps on this list, you need to check all of its varieties this information is available to our subscribers on our website.

Ireland has produced its own postage stamps since Before that, the country was the part of the United Kingdom and used British postal items. When Ireland gained independence init founded the Oifig an Phoist Irish Post Office to oversee all mail delivery and stamp production.

Many of these first philatelic items are extremely valuable and scarce. Nowadays Ireland is known for releasing a wonderful range of innovative stamps, which are definitely popular among collectors.

It was produced using an experimental method leading to perforated edges on the top and bottom and imperforated edges on the sides. The design of this innovative at that time philatelic item was identical to the definitive two pence stamp, which was perforated on all sides and featured the map of Ireland.

To date, 20 mint examples have been identified, along with others that have been cancelled. A very fine specimen of 2d coil stamp, featuring rich colour and a minor defect in right hand margin, was offered by Daniel F. Kelleher Auctions in April, The most interesting variety of 5p New York World's Fair stamps are the ones with brown printing omitted.

An unmounted mint vertical pair from top of sheet top stamp with variety brown printing omittedfine and rare, was auctioned by Grosvenor in May, It was released to commemorate the centenary of the formation of the Irish Citizen Army and featured a portrait of Captain White as it was believed.

When Ireland became a free state inthe provisional stamps were created by overprinting contemporary British items. One of such issues that appeared at the time was 10s dull gray blue seahorse stamp, which was overprinted in bluish black by Alex.

Philatelists believe that less than 5 copies of this impressive stamp are known unused. Kelleher Auctions in February, Christmas 21p stamp was issued by Ireland Post in to celebrate Christmas that is one of the most important holidays in the country.

The item features a Nativity scene from Renaissance painting, with heavy lettering either side. It also contains the inscription Nollaig, which is an Irish word for Christmas. The main task of the company was to assay and hallmark tests and certifies items of gold, silver and platinum jewellery and or plate manufactured in Ireland or imported.

One of the rarest copies of 24p th anniversary of Company of Goldsmiths stamp is the specimen with variety yellow omitted. The Irish Provisional Government created their first philatelic issues by overprinting the contemporary British postage stamps, which featured the profile of King George V. A block of six stamps with trial overprint in red appeared at Cherrystone auction that took place in December, It was released in to celebrate a Christmas holiday and features such birds as turtle dove, partridge and French hen.This is a survey of the postage stamps and postal history of Togo.

The first posts in Togo were established by German traders in the s who operated from the coastal towns and used German West African mail boats. Mail entered the German postal system at Hamburg.

There were 17 German post offices before the invasion. They may be recognised by the cancellations used. Beginning in JuneGerman stamps with " Togo " overprint were made available. In Novemberthe key type stamps known as the Yacht issue were introduced. Water-marked versions of "Yachts" became standard inand they remained in use until the First World War. In AugustTogo was invaded by British and French troops which occupied the territory until Fromoverprinted British stamps of the Gold Coast and overprinted French stamps of Dahomey were in use.

The country was divided into two zones during the occupation with the east bordering Dahomey, a French territory, being run by the French and the west, bordering the British Gold Coast, being run by the British. A French colonial stamp of Dahomey overprinted for use in the French zone of occupied Togo. French Togoland issued its first set of stamps inoverprinting stamps of French Dahomey. In French Togoland was made an autonomous republic within the French community.

British Togoland was administered as part of the adjoining territory of the Gold Coastand used stamps of Gold Coast. A plebiscite was held in resulting in British Togoland being merged with Gold Coast, making Togo the tall, thin, country it is today, and enlarging the current Ghana.

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