Minecraft seed 666

One day, a user named Ethonia managed to enter a server called Vault sixsixsix. He he was confused with the on it, so he researched.

To his horror, the reviews were a lie, but when he tried to exit, he was already glued into Minecraft, to his luck, he was recording. One of his friends decided to visit Ethonia only to find him dead in his gaming chair.

Lornax then sent the file to a group trying to uncover myths ofc those myths are fake. The group and Lornax got shocked at what they saw, A dark hooded figure popping out of Ethonia's computer and stabbing him in his chest, one minute after entrance into Vault sixsixsix. They also found out that the server is able to change names. One day, a youtuber as popular as AntVenom decided to play a server called Hypixel, only to find out that Vault is masked by such popular server.

The same thing that happened to Ethonia happened to the youtuber too, his name is Cryaoto. Suddenly, Cryaoto was live when that happened, AND his fans were shocked to see what happened to him. The very next day, Mojang got sabotaged and lost control of the Minecraft developer modes, causing the entire Minecraft community to go chaotic and riots sprout in a few minutes after mojang lost control.

They found out that the perpetrator is a person constantly bullied in Minecraft, and commited suicide afterwards, but Satan offered them to be brought into Minecraft in exchange for being powerful, and the person accepted. The next month, the server evolved into a computer virus, and obliterated online games such as League of Legends and CSGO.

The communities of these games follow the steps of the Minecraft community, and finds a way to erase the newly evolved Vaultwith a duplicate of hundreds thousands of servers, risking them of playing Minecraft at it's state. One day, a group of Russian hackers dispatched by a Russian government official joins the steps of the Minecraft community.

A few days, they find a cure to the virus, through deleting the file called " Control is also handed back to Mojang.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. A datamining group decided to datamine the server duplicates, which appeared a few hours ago. Word spreaded, and more people joined the datamining group, known as "The Mining savers" The next month, the server evolved into a computer virus, and obliterated online games such as League of Legends and CSGO.

Control is also handed back to Mojang, BUT. The entire international community will never perfectly heal back to its previous state Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Entity 1 Error 2 Disc Universal Conquest Wiki.Any number with could means a connection to HIM, no matter what. It could be anything: A phone number, a fax number, a passcode, even a minecraft world's seed When you use it, his beasts come.

Minecraft 6.6.6

Many accounts have described them: a many limbed monster, a grinning black avatar witha mouth so big it stretches over it's face And one of the most terrifying parts is that they are not cubic.

They look like something from real life Remember, if you use the seed, it is not only you who you are putting in danger, it is the whole world. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Have you thought about the origin of all these creepypastas? Who made them? Who controls them? And above all Who made them so evil? He is known as Satan.

The Devil. Or when digital, known as And they are extrmely horrible and hostile. If one does survive for 10 days, they will find himself And a hand will reach out of the computer and pull them in And if one leaves the game running overnight then they are in for a horrifying night.

The beasts will reach out of the computer and devour who that ever has supported god And humanity will be doomed. Be warned Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.Have you wondered what Mojang has put into the game? Well it's not HerobrineNullor even Entitybut a seed: a seed that no one even knows what it generates. I started playing Minecraft on 25th september I don't remember if it was alpha or beta, but I hadn't realized how dangerous a game like Minecraft was.

This moment that I will never forget made me quit the game. I invited my friend Jake to play a "Let's Play" for My Youtube channel, we communicated with each other via Skype, I named the world "Lets Play" and I just threw in the seed "".

The Terror of Minecraft

I enabled bonus chests and also cheats. I spawned at a plains biome, but Jake spawned deep underground. We were confused when he got out of the ground. My screen glitched for like 3 seconds. I asked "did u glitch too dude? I decided to ignore what I just saw and continue our adventure. As we looked around. Heck this thing isn't even red, it's blue! We decided to continue our adventure.

I was surprised, our house was burned into nothing. Another "bluestone" torch surrounded our burning house. The only thing that survived was our chest. We saw in front of our house there was a sign saying "blood is red, veins are blue, you're the next one We were really creeped out at that point. We decided to report to Mojang to complain and ask why one of their bugs is so freakin creepy One day before his death he left a signature on Minecraft Of course that message seems very creepy, but we were very curious as to what would happen in the world we played earlier.

So we joined the world again. Everything was gone except for bedrock, and there's him That ghostguy looked at me. I deleted the world because I'm the host. I quickly ran to Jake's house, but it was too late I heard a scream when I was at his door Jake was DEAD!!

The screen of his computer turned to blood, his chest was stabbed from behind, and I saw text written with Jake's blood saying "blood is red, veins are blue, he's the next one".Minecraft 6.

I found a message in the archive from a developer named Jens Bergensten. We have lost control over what is happening in it; one of our developers has not been in touch for a week.

We took control of the virus and hid the page from public access! If you read this, then you have access to the secret file! Be careful, report everything to the update department! I never thought that I would be able to face a real infernal Minecraft, it was in the evening I was about to go to bed, before going to bed I decided to check my mail I found a letter from a strange man I decided to take a chance and follow this link What I saw shocked me.

This is like a minecraft site but it says that this is a secret version, but I'm not one of the timid ones so I decided to download this version of mystical minecraft I wish I'd never done it! A kid heading to a small house had a sign saying and suddenly a cow burned down and he wasn't scared.

He goes to another small house and it's empty and goes to another house and then he accidentally stepped on lava. Decided to head to the river to put out and the fire went out and continued to explore the village the kid saw a destroyed house. The kid again saw the structure of the lightstone he goes to the structure and suddenly got out again glitch.

I do not know what is happening in this version, but I hope you can help me figure it out, I shared this hellish version with other people you can download it from the link below. The game has no structures, signs, heckling, etc. In fact, this is what will happen, first, the heart will flash, then will send a terrible message, then change the numbers in the experience, then the sky will flash, and then Minecraft will crash, it is unknown what might happen to you, but you can learn what's out there.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Message from the developer. This version is designed exclusively for developers! Where did this version come from? History I never thought that I would be able to face a real infernal Minecraft, it was in the evening I was about to go to bed, before going to bed I decided to check my mail Kid: Is this version real?

Kid: I'm going for fun, Seed The world was created and the kid began to look at the inventory. Kid: Agbeti, this is really a secret version.

Kid: Okay, I think it's worth it right now Kid: The screen flashes periodically for some reason. Destroyed village. Kid: That's enough meat for the first time. Kid: There's a strange village there. Kid: Oh notche my what's going on here? Lava instead of water. The kid saw that in the garden instead of water was lava.Minecraft's coding and decision-making algorithm have produced some seeds that are truly extraordinaire.

The amount of Minecraft seeds that exist are practically endless, at least enough that make them feel endless, as there are over four billion in Bedrock Edition alone. With so many different seeds for players to chose from, it can be difficult to decide on one.

There are seeds that are best for woodland mansionsothers for shipwrecksand frankly some that are just plain broken.

Seed XXX666

Sometimes, there are seeds that are just plain extraordinary, from having eight blacksmiths in one village, to a fully completed End Portal the second the player spawns into the game. This article will be showcasing a collection of Minecraft seeds with a healthy mix of different extraordinary things to explore. Villages are a common structure that Minecraft players to come across during their virtual travels.

The Minecraft village in this seed is rather different though, because it is tucked in the midst of a massive amount of bamboo. This seed would be perfect for players looking to immediately get their hands on their very own pandas. With a little bit of further development and building, this village can be transformed into something remarkable.

For players looking to go the route of further developing this quaint little bamboo village, here is a great source for inspiration. Gravity is something that has been known to be subjective in the Minecraft universe. Typically, structures that are generated in Minecraft are supposed to be grounded to at least something. However, there have been known to be the occasional floating island or villager house here and there.

This Minecraft seed, breaks all the rules by having a fully exposed and floating fossil. Fossils are rare enough to find on their own while Minecraft players are digging and exploring. Even more rare than that is finding a fossil that is exposed to the surface. Here, an entirely exposed fossil can be found floating above the surface. Pillager Outposts are a great way for Minecraft players to get their hands on some early equipment, if they are brave enough to face the Illagers standing guard.

However, the pillager outpost in this seed, is more of a skyscraper than an outpost. For some reason, this outpost got spawned into the middle of a ravine, and the base of the structure goes all the way down to the lava at the bottom. Minecraft players have easy access to getting to the top, because it is right at ground level of the biome.

minecraft seed 666

Getting to the bottom of this outpost is actually the tricky part, so this one is in reverse of what is typically expected. For Minecraft players who want to gear up early, this seed is an absolute dream come true. There are eight, yes eight, blacksmiths in a village near spawn inside of this Minecraft seed. Typically, players would be lucky to find a village with one or maybe two blacksmiths. This seed is frankly just showing off and trying to set a record.

Players will not have a problem with gathering up equipment, but the challenge they will face instead is coming up with some creative solutions to store all of this fantastic loot. In order to beat Minecraft, players will need to scour the world for a variety of different items in order to activate the End Portal.

With this Minecraft seed though, players will be able to skip a ton of those steps. The End Portal in this seed is already completed with all 12 eyes of ender.

There is a lot of potential here for the speedrunning community to explore, as this find significantly reduces the time commitment needed to beat the game. YouTuber ibxtoycat explains in this video that this seed had about a one in a trillion probability of happening. If that is not considered extraordinary, what could be? New User posted their first comment.The paper reported documents show the student was 'congratulated' by bet365 on winning her wager on a live chat on its website.

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minecraft seed 666

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Minecraft 6.6.6

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minecraft seed 666

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