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Hello, how are today everyone? To make someone happy I think, these funny statuses will help you. When your friends share their thought on Facebook, you have to like, share and comments on their status.

Now, photo comment is a new trend on Facebook. Here you can make fun, jokes, with your friends. Those who are not know how to make Bangla funny facebook status? We are gathered here best Bangla funny status. Visit our YouTube channel bangla funny video. Ata ki sorkari gal paycos naki… Jokhon tokhon amar frnd er Mukhe kiss korbi.

Girl:-vodro vabe kotha bolo.

ma ke niye post

Boy:-Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Amader dabi saful hoke, saful huk …. Apnarbortoman lover onner sathe linemarteche. Girl:fazil er baccha. Boy:amiki apnake kichu korte pari. Boy:ami ki apnake kichu dite pari.

Girl:rastar chele. Boy:Niye tara tari chole jan. Girl: Ei college-e sobai amake bon bole dake. Rasta ta par hobo to tai. Boltu: Obossoi Meyera. Girl: Kivabe? Boltu: Apple koto kore kg? Dokander: tk kg. Boltu: Ok 1 kg apple dao protita apple alada kore pakat koro. D: ato pakat keno?. B: ami ja bolchi tai koro. D: ok. B: anggurer kg koto? D: tk kg. B: ok, 1kg dao, potita dana 1ta kore pakat koro. Nam ki vabe bachader lalon palon kore boro korben,Ma jiges korlo,2mi ai boi ken porco.Ken Walibora, Thursday, April 16, 0 - A lady has castigated a group of women who waste their prime years chasing sponsors and peddling flesh and aft Latest Post.

However, their sex escapades were interrupted after his mother came back home unannounced and found them having sex. A video shared online shows the woman condemning her son as his girlfriend seats on the bed covered in shame. The no-nonsense mother then started giving the young lady a beating, leaving her begging for mercy.

Watch the dramatic videos. Kenyans expected the President to come up with realistic solutions like other world leaders as they struggle with harsh economic times caused by the corona pandemic but the son of Jomo just spewed empty rhetoric during the televised press briefing.

See how Netizens are roasting him on twitter, calling him a clueless drunkard. On Tuesday, the talented singer announced on social media that her husband, Pastor Apewajoye alias Beloved John, had succumbed to injuries he sustained following a gas explosion accident at their house. A day after the death of her husband, a friend of the late Beloved John accused of her lying over the cause of his death and made damning allegations against Ruth. In a 17 minute video he shared on Facebookhe accused the singer of having been violent in the marriage saying that at one point, she stabbed the husband in his presence.

He also demanded that the late Beloved John should not be buried before a postmortem is conducted to ascertain what really killed him. As the matter continues to elicit mixed reactions from Kenyans, Ruth has gone into hiding by deactivating all her social media platforms.

This has raised more eyebrows with Netizens calling on the DCI to take up the matter. The beautiful lady was blowing kisses to the old man and making him feel like a teenager. Netizens have concluded that the lady is just playing around with the old man and confusing him with fake love with the intention of milking him dry. With money, you can get all the beautiful women in the world.

Watch video the that has broken the internet. The man, who identified himself as Jesse MC Jessy, claimed that Ruth had threatened her husband on several occasions and almost killed him in November last year after stabbing him.

However, Ombeta has thrashed these claims saying that the manager released the video out of bitterness and was trying to get at Ruth over personal differences. It is only full of lamentations. Impeccable sources said Matete has already hired lawyer Cliff Ombeta to represent her in court in case detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI start looking into her.

The veteran Swahili presenter described the fallen literary giant as a colleague, fellow author and close personal friend. Taking to social media, Mdoe wrote:. He exclusively spoke in perfect Swahili and you would never find him fumbling for the correct terms while speaking. Before announcing the recipient, I remember he made an apology and declared that it would be the last time he'd speak in English,". I was a close friend to him and even I had never heard him talking of a brother or a sister or even that he was married with children.

These are some of the naughty photos that she uses to lure sex buyers online. According to Registrar Ann Nderitu, the intention to change Jubilee Party's National Management Committee followed the law as it was signed off by bona fide officials. He termed the changes as fraudulent.

ma ke niye post

Nderitu noted that the notification of the changes was received on February 4th and gazetted on April 6 as required by the law. But the registrar stated that the office "will continue to expeditiously work within the provisions of the law". She suspects that the lady might be meeting her husband for secret sex escapades. The married woman stumbled upon photos and videos that the slay queen sent to her husband in exchange for money and approached an admin of a popular telegram channel to expose her.

See the expose.Ajke ami amar jiboner ekta sotyo ghotona bolbo. Jeta janina lojjar ki na but ami apnader sathe share korte chai. Age ami amar bepare bole dite chai ami ekjon commerce graduate student ekta mnc te kaj kori. Porasonai khub valo hoar jonno parai amai sobai respect korto.

Mul golpe asi choto bela thekei amar boyoshko mohila khub pochondo. Onek boyoshko mohilar kotha mone kore handle mara. Tader snan dekha tader bra hate niye khela ei sob niyei cholto.

Erokomi ekta pochonder mohila chilo bubai dar maa. Take ami jethi bole daktum. Tar boyosh 55 hobe.

ma ke niye post

Husband onekdin agei mara gechen. Tar bra jehetu ami hate niyechi ami tar bra er size jantum 38 chilo tar bra. Husband more jaoa se kaj kore family tanto. Khub ovab chilo tader. Ekhon bubai dar o biye hoyeche tar wife o khub sexy. Tader ekta bachao ache. Mul golpe asi parar lokera bole bubai er maa er naki charecter er dos ache se naki ekta kom boyshi cheler sathe prem kore ebong tar sathe bed relation o ache.

Ami ekdin diamond plaza amar ex gf ke niye gechi sekhane bubai dar maa o chilo. Se amader ke dekhechilo seta o ese amar maa ke bolechilo. Amar to matha gorom hoye gechilo. Mone mone vebechilam chude er bodla nebo. Ekdin ofc theke firchi dekhi bubai dar maa o kaj theke fire kapor charche. Dekhi se tar saree charlo tarpor blouse khullo blouse kholar por bra gulo kono rokome tar mai gulo dhore rekheche. Ami janla diye uki marchilam targhore. Hothat tar sathe amar chokhe chokh hoi.Thursday, April 9, In a bid to keep the deadly Coronavirus at bay, Ugandan Boda Boda riders have come with this innovation.

Thursday April 9, -A photo has emerged of police in Nairobi arresting Nairobians who were not wearing face mask on Thursday. Thursday, April 9, - The government has issued a list of products considered essential for Kenyans during the partial lockdown occa Thursday April 9, - Deputy President William Ruto's first public address has left Kenyans high and dry with politicians and cr Thursday, April 9, -Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi has set up a bed isolation ward in preparation for the surge of coronavirus pati Do you w Thursday, April 9, -A woman from Kiambu has constructed a classy home that looks like a palace using a container.


Thursday April 9, A fruit seller in Kayole was on Wednesday picked up by Ministry of Health officials after he developed symptoms of This is after cut Latest Post. From photos doing rounds on social media, the riders have fixed a plastic barrier on their motorbikes to prevent them from coming into contact with passengers.

This is an awesome innovation that all operators should emulate even in Kenya. See the photo below. Funny enough the police who were making arrests were not wearing masks meaning that the Government is ill advised in ordering people to wear masks. Now your cops have arrested people for walking without face masks in Nairobi.

Here is a photo of police arresting Nairobians who were not wearing face mask on Thursday. They seem to err always on the side of China," Trump stated. President Kenyatta joined a host of leaders in expressing their support for the global health body after WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus revealed on Wednesday that he had received death threats and racist attacks.

Bubai er maa

The WHO director general, an Ethiopian citizen, in a briefing yesterday revealed that attacks against him had been ongoing for about a month. Thursday, April 9, - The government has issued a list of products considered essential for Kenyans during the partial lockdown occasioned by the Coronavirus Pandemic.Post a Comment.

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Ma rannaghore ranna korchhe. Amon somoy dorja knock. Dorja khule dekhlam amar bondhu Krisno.

ma ke niye post

Amader sathe or poribarer somporko khub valo. Amra eke oporoke sob kichui share kori. Emonki choti boi, chodachudir video adan prodan kori. Tui kemon achhis. Ami r krisno golpo korte suru korlam. Kichukhhon por ma foler ros soho khabar niye aslo.

Ma jokhon jhuke amader khabar dite laglo, tokhon ma r blouser vitor dudher onekta ami r krisno dekhte pelam. Krisno amar dike takiye muchki haslo. Ma amader samne sofate boslo. Ma abar ranna ghore chole gelo. Sokaler roder aloi mar pachhata jeno chok chok korche. Tora freez porishkar korte parish.

Ma ranna ghorer baki kaj shesh kore amader kache elo. Ma amader help korte laglo.Amake mail kore janan kar katota bhalo legeche. Kara amar galpo porte porte Bara khecheche eban Kara amar galpo pore Gude angul diye jhal jhariyeche amake likhun ete ami utsahito hobo eban amar aro sex kahini apnader likhte parbo.

Amra tin bandhu — Rana, Mana eban ami Raja. Emanki eksange tin jone meye dekhe bara kechtam ke kathokhon mal dhore rakhte pare. Er modhe rana der obostha besh bhalo, baba bhalo kaj korto, baire thakto, ektu high societyr chele se. Majhe modhei tader barite jetam amra. Giye khela dhula kortam, CD te BF dekhtam.

Ranar ma chilo jemon dekhte seirakam figure, boyoseo mahila tar joubon dhore rekheche. Galar awaz o chilo sexy. Amader sange katha bolar sameo ekta sexy chouni. Takhan amra bochorer joan chele. Jotoi bandhur ma hok, dekhe bara to khara.

Bf dekhar samay amra jakhan bara khechtam takhan ami aar mana ranar ma er katha chinta kore bara kechtam. Rana kichu janto na. Mana aar ami jakhan katha boltam mana bolto raja, ranar ma to eke bare sex bomb. Dekhlei bara dariye jai mone hoi mahila ke sujog pelei chude di, amio bolam amaro obostha to eki, kintu mana lisa aunty ranar ma take ki kore chudbo.

Mana bollo janina aar para jaina jebhabei hok lisa aunty ke chudtei hobe. Ami bollam uni je bhabe amader samne bhaj dekhiye ghure berai janina unio garam kina, bor baire thake sarirer khide to ache. Tahole dekha jak lisa aunty ke ki kore manage karano jai. Tulte parle bhalo khelbe.

Amra sujoger opekhai thaklam, ranar barite gelei tar ma er dike najor thakto, kakhan buker bhaj dekha jabe, kakhan sexy bhabe pacha duliye jabe tar dike.Pages Home. Powered by Blogger. Hii friendsami bijoy. Amar boyos Golpota amar maa Rita ke niye. Amar maa house wife. Emnite r pachta cheler motoi ami maa ke khub ii valobasi r sroddha kortamkintu ekdin parar ek kaku r sathe maa er nongrami nijer chokhe dekhar por.

Ebar ami maa er nongrami er kothay asijeta ami ei koyekdin age nijer chokhe dekhlam. Sedin ta chilo budhbar. Asole babar arthik obostha khub ekta valo noy.

Maa - মা - Heart Touching Bangla Song - Atik Hasan - Full HD - New Bangla Music Video - 2018

Onek koste amra ei barita vara niye thaki. Baritay ekta matro ghor. So ami r maa suye achi. Maa er dudh guli ke nity r upor diye rajib kaku prothome pok pok kore tipte laglo. Er moddhe dekhi rajib kaku maa er nity er botam khule feleche. Ratan da r chaiteo boro to amar dhon ta? Ratan da thik ii bolechilo Ratan babu Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: Ma k niye. Newer Post Older Post Home. Popular Posts chudon baj famaily. Ei golpo ta holo aj theke 8 bochor agekar.

Jokhon ami 19 bochorer chilam. Akhon ami 28 and married. Amader nijeder bari chilo kolkatay. Ami ektu vinno dhoroner golpo bolbo. Amar bowke chodar golpo bolbo. Ami sumon, boyosh 30yrs, r amar bow er nam putul.