Hirth 2702 manual

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Hi all!!


I'm coming here looking for help, and I'm pretty sure this is the right place. Some months ago my father bought a quad city challenger clipped wings with just 35 hours of flight in both engine and airframe. This sounds good, but the previous owner sold the plane for one reason: the engine became a headache Since the begining the things went wrong when one side of the ignition failed and he had to replace the armature plate.

At this point the engine ran well. Based on this event and on some histories on internet, he decided to get rid of the injection and replaced it with two bing 54, with the jetting according to the factory He sent the injection to the dealer and received the bings.

hirth 2702 manual

Once this done, the engine start to gave problems to accelerate. He worked on it for months and at the end he decided to sell the plane to us The problem is very weird: If you push the throttle slowly, the engine go up to RPM easily.

But if you push it in one shot from idle, it get stuck stumbling in RPM's, until you close slowly the throttle at certain point where it pick up again and you can open the throttle fast and it will go to again We have tried several things to fix this, for some months We have tested all the combinations of jetting that you can imagine, and all the positions of the jet needle, and adjusted the mixture all ways possible Recently, we started to suspect about the timing, so we checked the manual and found out that it can be adjusted, so we moved it in all the ways possible and the things went the same Now we have the suspect that maybe the E-Boxes, which are suposed to be programed, could have and advance timing map for and injected engine, and this don't mach with the carb behaviour.

All this being said, and sorry for made you read all this, we have no clue what to do next Any advice will be highly appreciated, greetings from Costa Rica, Esteve. The problem is that your are running lean in the mid range. When you open the throttle quickly the air responds more quickly than the fuel. Automobile engines solve this with the accelator pump which most aircraft do not have. There are several things you can do to minimize the problem but you may not solve it completely.

Hirth F-33

These are things to look into. Richen the idle mmixture slightly. Richen the mid range mixture. The engine can operate above the published WOT egt limit at lower power settings.

Hirth has a good fuel enjection system. I would look to reinstall the fuel injection and get it operating correctly.

In the US we have a good Hirth dealer. I do not know about your situtation.Simply put, BlueMax improves the contact surfaces of your engine. Cylinders, pistons, rings, bearings, sleeves, etc.

Under the engine's intense heat, BlueMax smoothes out the rough surfaces until an optimum smoothness is achieved. All welding and machining is complete. Engine is complete and has been test run. All prices do not include shipping And handling. F 2 cycle 28hp. One little powerhouse of an engine. At only 35 lbs. With 25ft. Factory recommended TBO is rated at Hrs. Standard equipment includes fuel pump, spark plugs, air filter, recoil starter, complete exhaust system and dual CDI ignition for added reliability.

Standard mounting is plate type from bottom of engine. An optional crankcase allows 4 point mounting firewall forward style from the ignition side of the case instead of from the bottom of case. This option must be special ordered and adds 2 pounds to total weight. Engine pictured above is equipped with the forward style mount, electric start, and belt drive mounted in the hanging position. If you prefer an opposed cylinder engine, then this one's for you. All with a total weight of only 78 Lbs.

This engine can handle any part ultralight and most single seat experimentals. Opposed pistons cancel out each others internal inertia forces resulting in an amazingly smooth running engine.

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Wiring a Hirth 2702

See the listings below for the 4-cycle Subaru engines now available. Engines come with a day guarantee against defects. Prices subject to change without notice. Please inquire. Kawasaki A, 40 hp : brand new high-performance engine, complete, with manifold, muffler, carb and recoil starter. Only 65 lbs. CDI and nikasil cylinders are included.

Foreign: shipping cost will be quoted. Kawasaki B, 48 hp : rebuilt to new specs, complete, with manifold, muffler, carburetor and recoil starter. Only 66 lbs. Kawasaki C, 51 hp : complete, with twin carbs, manifold, muffler and recoil starter. Only 70 lbs. CDI, oil-injection and nikasil cylinders are included. Other Kawasaki engines contact us to confirm stock :. May be used on a variety of ultralight or other vehicles as a higher-quality alternative to the Rotax or This engine was rebuilt with new Wiesco parts.

Newly rebuilt carb with new intake flange. Excellent condition. Features: single-overhead-cam DOHC also avail.

hirth 2702 manual

Other engines: 1. Zenoah opposedfan cooled, 5 hrs. The below Magnum re-drives are available in 2. Only available for Kawasaki engines.

Comes standard with new Kawasaki engines. Prices include a fan or enhanced free-air cooling. Make: Kawasaki A, air-cooled Like New! Great Value! Outstanding Buy! Above: Kawasaki C.Hirth Engines have been produced since the beginning of powered flight and our engineering excellence continues with performance and efficiency as the driving force in all our products. Our proud history is intimately associated with the pioneering days of world aviation thanks to founder Hellmuth Hirth and provides a unique focus on innovation and technology excellence.

His legacy continues with our attention to detail, engineering excellence and technology that is leading edge, but easy to maintain.

hirth 2702 manual

By loading the map, you agree to Google's privacy policy. Learn more. Always unblock Google Maps. Book an appointment. Welcome to the home of two-stroke engines Where high value engineering meets low cost and low maintenance. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Over 30 years in UAV production. Light Sport Aircraft. More than 90 years in aviation. Ultra Light Aircraft. World-class lightweight engines. Innovating demanding vehicles. Performance in all environemnts.

Fire Engine Pumps. Powering emergency services. October 2, At Hirth we continually develop state-of-the-art technology applied to the proven two-stroke principle. Hirth Engines achieve the highest in power-to-weight ratio. We offer the most reliable two-stroke engines, giving you a lighter engine with less moving parts and superior power. Injection system. Each of our engines are designed with the customer in mind and Hirth's state of the art technology provides minimal fuel consumption while boosting reliability and performance.

Hirth multi-fuel engines are powerful, light, compact, reliable and affordable.View Orders. Account Settings. Manage Address Book. Submit a Request.

Hirth Engine manuals

Australia Dollar. The is our small high torque low RPM engine. The Hirth is ideal for single seat ultralight aircraft. The V is an air cooled, reed valve controlled 2-cylinder-inlinestroke engine with two slide carburetors and Nikasil coated cylinders. It has one of the highest power to weight ratio available on the 40 HP engine market.

Ideally suited for Ultralights, hovercrafts, gyrocopters, light experimental aircrafts, and all applications where weight is an issue. The warranty of the crank shaft is 3 years. No Photos! Be the first to of this product! No Videos! Submit a Request Knowledgebase. Australia Dollar Euro. If you are considering a purchase Chat with Online Sales for more information before you purchase! If you already made a purchase Contact Customer Service for order status and other after-sales issues.

Sign in or Register. My Cart 0.The Hirth F is a single cylindertwo strokecarburetted aircraft engine designed for use on ultralight aircraftincluding powered paragliders and ultralight trikes. The F uses free air cooling, dual capacitor discharge ignition and reed valve induction, with a single Bing 34mm slide or optional diaphragm type carburetor.

The cylinder walls are electrochemically coated with Nikasil. Standard starting is recoil start. A belt reduction drive system, fuel injectiontuned exhaust and electric start are optional.

The engine runs on a pre-mix of unleaded 93 octane auto fuel and oil. Recommended time between overhauls is hours. Data from Recreational Power Engineering [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 17 January BAI Communications. Hirth and Heinkel-Hirth aircraft engines. F F F F F F Categories : Hirth aircraft engines Air-cooled aircraft piston engines Two-stroke aircraft piston engines. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Single cylinder two-stroke aircraft engine.