Bootstrap vue icons

bootstrap vue icons

You can specify the button's type by setting the prop type to 'button''submit' or 'reset'. The default type is 'button'. Note the type prop has no effect when either href or to props are set. Fancy larger or smaller buttons? Specify lg or sm via the size prop. Use the variant prop to generate the various Bootstrap contextual button variants.

The variant prop adds the Bootstrap v4. In need of a button, but not the hefty background colors they bring? Variant link will render a button with the appearance of a link while maintaining the default padding and size of a button.

bootstrap vue icons

Tip: remove the hover underline from a link variant button by adding the Bootstrap v4. Create block level buttons — those that span the full width of a parent — by setting the block prop. Prefer buttons with a more rounded-pill style?

Just set the prop pill to true. This prop adds the Bootstrap v4. Prefer buttons with a more square corner style? Just set the prop squared to true. The squared prop adds the Bootstrap v4. The pill prop takes precedence over the squared prop. Set the disabled prop to disable button default functionality.

Material Design for Bootstrap (Vue version)

Buttons will appear pressed with a darker background, darker border, and inset shadow when the prop pressed is set to true. The pressed prop can be set to one of three values:. To create a button that can be toggled between active and non-active states, use the. Note: component aliases are only available when importing all of BootstrapVue or using the component group plugin.

For more details on m1a bipod router link or nuxt link specific props, see the Router support reference section. You can import individual components into your project via the following named exports:. This plugin includes all of the above listed individual components. Plugins also include any component aliases. Getting started. Misc Changelog Contributing Settings Third party libraries. When clicked, the value of the to prop will be passed to router.

In most cases you should leave this as the default active-class String router-link prop: Configure the active CSS class applied when the link is active. Typically you will want to set this to class name 'active' exact Boolean false router-link prop: The default active class matching behavior is inclusive match.

Setting this prop forces the mode to exactly match the route exact-active-class String router-link prop: Configure the active CSS class applied when the link is active with exact match. Typically you will want to set this to class name 'active' router-tag String 'a' router-link prop: Specify which tag to render, and it will still listen to click events for navigation. Typically you should use the default value no-prefetch Boolean false nuxt-link prop: To improve the responsiveness of your Nuxt.Have a question about this project?

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What is the next step? If I want to use the svg element in a blade template, do I need to compile it with webpack? Do I import it into a css file? After that use npm install bootstrap-icons to install bootstrap icons onto your project and include it in your app.

Learn more. Asked 1 month ago. Active 1 month ago. Viewed 44 times. And how do I use it in single file VueJS components? Kim Prince Kim Prince 6, 9 9 gold badges 57 57 silver badges bronze badges. I suggest using BoostrapVue then you can use the icons as components: bootstrap-vue.

Visser Mar 6 at Active Oldest Votes. Install Bootstrap in your Node. Ankush Sood Ankush Sood 2 2 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog.But by default — and rightly so — it comes with very little in the way of styling. I recommend reading through the whole post below at least once.

If you already have a project that you set up with Vue CLI 3you can skip this section. Once the app is created, move into the directory and serve the app. The updated page looks like this:.

So far, the text and the button are there, but the style and functionality will come from Bootstrap as soon as we add it.

Vue Icons List

Still inside the withbootstrap directory, install Bootstrap and its dependencies. Again, if you only want the styles, and not the JavaScript functionality, just leave off the first line and only include the CSS. That takes care of both the JavaScript and the styles. The alert we wrote earlier now has the look and functionality we were looking for! Sign in. Travis Horn. Travis Horn Follow. Travis Horn Web developer and enthusiast. Web developer and enthusiast. See responses More From Medium.

More on Web Development from Travis Horn.

bootstrap vue icons

Travis Horn in Travis Horn. Related reads. Also tagged Vuejs.August 27, 17 min read The Font Awesome icon collection is, well, awesome — nearly 4, icons that are incredibly easy to use, about 1, of which are open source and free to use in any application. As a budding Vue. While the Font Awesome team provides good integration with Vue.

That led to a few hours of spinning my wheels getting it to work and discovering several ways to use the Font Awesome icons. When developing a Vue. A GitHub repository containing the code discussed in this article is available here. As a Vue. Next, we install the Vue. Installation instructions are available on its website. If you like, you can follow the instructions printed by the tool. But we want to perform the surgery recommended in the Font Awesome documentation.

This gets the library object and loads one of the icons from the free-solid-svg-icons package. That icon is later added to the library. Next, we load FontAwesomeIconwhich is the Vue. Finally, we set up the application to render. This is what Vue. It promises to be fun. When we created the demo application, it was stored in a directory named start. Duplicate that directory, calling the new one brands. Or you can view the interactive demo:. The second is an attempt to load the JavaScript icon.

The Font Awesome website provides a search function. This shows a long list of files with names like faCoffee. The Font Awesome icon library is not one library, but instead four libraries — and we have only loaded one of the libraries. The total set are:. Next, if we study the Icon browserwe see in the sidebar some checkboxes corresponding to those four groups.

Because the JavaScript and Vue. I suggested creating a directory named brands for the code in the previous section. Duplicate that directory to create css and make a few modifications. Or you can use the online demo:.Vue Bootstrap icons usage is a quick tutorial which describes the proper way of using Font Awesome icons in Bootstrap framework. We have implemented corresponding properties in our mdbIcon component. To find and fast implement your desired icon use our icon list with search tool.

Example: basic icon fa-camera-retro. To see all colors options, go to colors list. You can add spacing to your icons from the top, bottom, right, left or all sides. Look at here to see all possibilities. It's good to improve the appearance of your buttons with icons.

Look at here to see the other buttons options.

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Icons are very useful when you want to show the features of something. Look at here to see more our features sections. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Reprehenderit maiores nam, aperiam minima assumenda deleniti hic.

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The full guide to using Font Awesome icons in Vue.js apps

In this section you will find advanced information about the Icon component. You will learn which modules are required in this component, what are the possibilities of configuring the component, and what events and methods you can use in working with it.

You can find licensing details on our license page.Vue Bootstrap search is a component which enables a process of finding words, sentences, and numbers in the collection of documents, web pages or other sources.

It can be implemented with buttons or icons and placed as an input or in navbar for even better user experience.

You can use material design version or default bootstrap style. MDB has many buttons to use within search box. Take a look here to know all the possibilities. Streaming now live.

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