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Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. The worst kind of tech problems are the ones that are difficult to pin down. But what if you start seeing small but annoying problems over the course of several weeks? Running two routers simultaneously on your home network is exactly the kind of situation where these phantom problems can arise. Now all your internet-bound traffic is passing through your new router and the ISP-supplied router.

The NAT service on your router is a very handy thing.

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When there are two of them, however, things get messy, as it forces all those network requests to traverse two translation events. At worst, it completely wrecks UPnP Universal Plug and Play and any other router-based service that relies on the premise that the router will always be facing out towards the greater internet and not facing into another internal network.

When a device connected to router that is in turn connected to another router attempts to set up a port forward arrangement via UPnP, it ends up forwarded not to the greater internet but to the other router. I plugged my own router into the combo-box my ISP gave me and now I have all sorts of headaches. What do I do? Log into the control panel of each of the routers on your home network. If the WAN IP address of your router is anywhere within those address blocks, it means your router is not connecting directly to the internet but is instead connecting to another piece of routing hardware.

If messing around with network hardware is new territory for you, you may want to check out our straight forward guide to routers, switches, and network terminology before proceeding.

This is, by far, the simplest solution. In a scenario where there is truly a piece of redundant hardware then it is easiest to just remove it.

Rather than deal with the logistics and wasted energy of running two routers, you can simply remove the old router to banish the double NAT. Bridging is simply an old networking technique that transparently links two different networks. Also, if the ISP-supplied unit has a Wi-Fi access point that some of your devices are connected to say, your iPad then that access point will no longer work and you will need to transition all Wi-Fi devices over to your personal router.

askey modem

Unless, of course, you already had it lying around and need a few extra ports. With a little trouble shooting and a quick settings change on one of the routers you can, painlessly, banish your connection related headaches. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

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Skip to content. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Since we launched inour articles have been read more than 1 billion times. Want to know more?How can WiFi mesh help? Suitable for homes of every size. Which mesh is the best for your home? WiFi mesh vs WiFi extenders: What's the difference? You will be able to use the devices anywhere as long as there is an internet connection.

However, you must be a Singtel Fibre Broadband subscriber to purchase the devices. What are the minimum requirements for using WiFi Mesh? What is the minimum number of units required for WiFi Mesh? A minimum of two units is required to set up the WiFi Mesh network. If you require additional units for more coverage, you may add on up to two more units. Yes, it will work. Do I need to plug the WiFi Mesh to a power outlet?

How long is the power cable? Yes, you have to plug the WiFi Mesh units to power outlets. The power cable is about 1. How should I set up the WiFi Mesh? Can I customise my network setting? What's different between the AirTies and AirTies ? Both models support Singtel TV and are pre-paired out of the box for easy setup. What's DFS technology? With AirTiesthese channels can be used by the mesh network to provide interference-free coverage subject to factors such as radar and devices.Page of 65 Go.

Page 18 - Installation procedure for connecting to Quick Links. Download this manual See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. Be sure to comply strictly precautions. Explanation of risk levels This indication is given where there is an immediate danger of death or serious injury if the person in charge or any third party mishandles the machine or does not avoid the dangerous situation when operating or maintaining the machine.

Page 6 e. Page 7 power plug of burning or smoke. You should never open the unit yourself because you could be electrocuted. Do not place the product near any source of heat or expose it to direct sunlight. Prohibited Do not expose the product to moisture. Never spill any liquid on the product. Page 8 Leave 7cm to 10cm around the appliance to ensure that proper ventilation gets to it.

Instruction The screen of the coaxial cable is intended to be connected to earth in the building installation. Be sure to connect the ground wire Do not attempt to disassemble or open covers of this unit by yourself.

Page 9 Instruction Under normal use condition the user shall keep at least 20cm from the Cable Modem product. Displays the status of your cable connection. The light is off when no cable ONLINE connection is detected and fully lit when the modem has established a connection with the network and data can be transferred. Page 11 LED from top to bottom. Status Description The device is on.

The device is ready for use. Now you can link to the internet. Direction for wall mounting: Tuner downward or leftward or rightward. Dimension for the screw: diameter: 3. Note: When wall mounting the unit. Please refer to Fig. Note: To ensure a fast registration of the modem, the coaxial cable must be connected to the modem before it is powered on.

Page Telephone Or Fax Connection Telephone or Fax Connection When properly connected, most telephony devices can be used with the Wireless Voice Gateway just as with a conventional telephone service. To make a normal telephone call, pick up the handset; listen for a dial tone, then dial the desired number. Page 21 If you login successfully, the main page will appear. You could switch to other page The Overview page is the start page.Page of Go.

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Wireless Router. Page 3 3. Page 4: Hardware Setup 1 Hardware Setup 1. Managed Service Home Router provides: 1. Dual-Band wireless up to AC 2. Page 5: Unpack Router's Box 1.

Check the package contents The box contains the following items: Wireless router.


AC power adapter plug varies by region. Ethernet cable. Page 6: Hardware Features 1. Pay particular attention to the LED on the front panel. Page 7: Rear Panel connection.

Blue alternate blinking: Updating firmware or any scenario where device must not be restarted. This connects the Ethernet and other access lines e. USB 3. For printer and folder sharing, reference Services on page Page 9: Normal User Settings 2 Normal User Settings The wireless router contains an intuitive graphical user interface GUI based on web, which allows administrator to easily configure its features through a web browser. Page 10 On the right top side, there are two command buttons: Change Password and Logout.

When Change Password button has been clicked, the browser will navigate administrator to corresponding webpage. Internet Setup After administrator has clicked the Wizard button, the Internet Setup page will come up. Page 12 used by cable modem service providers.

Page 13 password. If you have no idea of the username and password, please contact your ISP. Page 14 their services, and will disallow Internet connection for invalid MAC addresses. Click Next. If you have no idea of them, please ask the ISP for help. Wi-Fi devices automatically detect all networks within its communication range, if they own the key. Page 17 Config Overview After click the Apply icon, administrator comes to Config Overview page, which displays a summary of configuration information.

If the settings are all correct, administrator should click Apply icon. Page Basic Setup 2.

askey modem

Page Wps Setup automatically detect all networks within its communication range. The maximum length of a SSID is 32 characters. Key: A string used for connection authentication. Its length ranges from 0 to 63 characters letters, numbers or a combination or from 8 to 64 hex digits. Configured: The configured status of WPS.

Page Lan Setup 2. Its default value is Page of 26 Go. Page 12 - Installation procedure for connecting to Quick Links. Download this manual.

The 10 Best 802.11ac Wi-Fi Wireless Routers of 2020

Table of Contents. To restart the modem or press over 5 seconds can Reset default the modem. Note: It is important to supply power to the modem at all times.

Locate the Cable TV wire. You may find it one of three ways: a. You could switch to other pages.

askey modem

When the current password is the default one, the user is strongly encouraged to change the default web password. The password can be a maximum of 8 characters and is case sensitive. If forget your username and password, you may Press "Reset" This may help you in optimizing or trouble shooting your router.

Important event of the device will be logged here. How do I get the system installed? Professional installation from your cable provider is strongly recommended. They will ensure proper cable connection to the modem and your computer. However, your retailer may have offered a self- installation kit, including the necessary software to communicate with your cable ISP.

Authentication - The process of verifying the identity of an entity on a network. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 26 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.A contradiction between the resources can happen in case the new driver overlaps any number of the resources which have been previously assigned to one of your preceding drivers.

This issue could very well be managed by way of updating the driver, as well as by uninstalling the latest driver and re-installing it once again. Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly PostScript printer drivers : For Windows. AnneShauneg46 Scanner Is very rewarding having windows vista, sorted out virtually all my own driver complications likewise that disturbing askey computer corp modem drivers, which specifically brought about quite a few critical problems.

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Updates can be accomplished in two ways: Manual Configuration or Automatic Update.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Best Mesh: Netgear Orbi at Amazon.

Best Design: Portal at Amazon. Powered by a 1. Additionally, the four-transmit, four-receive antenna offers 5, square feet of coverage on the 2. Another standout feature is the inclusion of MU-MIMO multi-user multiple-input and multiple-outputwhich offers every connected device its own dedicated Wi-Fi connection.


With maximum combined performance of 3, Mbps, incredible coverage inside a home, and easy setup, the 2. A relatively new technology for consumers, mesh networking represents a whole new way of covering an entire house or office with Wi-Fi without taking out a second mortgage.

Connecting two 1. Fortunately, setup is a snap. The Orbi comes preconfigured right out of the box with your internet service provider of choice. Add in beamforming and MU-MIMO technologies and the Orbi offers each individual Wi-Fi user the best possible signal without adversely affecting others who are online at the same time. Whether it's gaming, streaming 4K movies, or just browsing online, the tri-band Wi-Fi hardware searches for the best possible signal strength and route to get each device online.

The Linksys WRTACM is one of the latest entries in a classic line of routers that dates back for years, and it not only remains one of the most customizable routers that you can get your hands on but also one of the fastest in its class, thanks to Linksys' Tri-Stream and other advanced technologies like MU-MIMO and beamforming. Linksys offers a solid mobile app for the WRTACM that lets you configure and monitor it from anywhere via Linksys' cloud, but what really sets this router apart is the ability to replace and customize its firmware.

Offering up to 3. Add in beamforming technology and this With tri-band Wi-Fi on board, the bandwidth prioritization helps ensure that both fast and slow devices are connected to separate networks to maintain Wi-Fi signal stability. Fortunately, these features are easily connected with a simplified setup that requires only minutes to get online.

Additionally, Asus includes a proprietary feature called AiRadar, which adds beamforming technology for amplified high-power signal connectivity. Users will find extended coverage, large speed increases, and a stable signal. Fortunately, these features benefit from an easy setup with the AC68U requiring just a three-step web-based installation process that has users online with minutes.

As an added layer of security, Asus also includes AiProtection through Trend Micro, which protects against multi-stage threats and keeps your devices secure. The inclusion of MU-MIMO technology allows the Asus hardware to direct higher speeds in the direction of specific devices based on their maximum capabilities, ensuring that all Wi-Fi connections are working at peak performance. For gamers, the Asus also has a built-in Gamers Private Network GPN that ensures stable ping times for increased multiplayer performance while online.