The soviets have a long history of night vision equipment produced during the cold war. Unfortunately we cannot get the most modern Russian night vision optics here in the US due to military export laws but I will show a few examples of modern and former Soviet designs.

Update I have recently acquired a few very modern optics as well as an older 1PN51, and have updated the pages accordingly. My UK friend and owner of Kalashnikov. Quite impressive and includes an ultra rare 1PN shown on the 1PN51 page If you ever run into trouble with your Russian NV send him an email and he might be able to fix it.

Brian Wilhelm of theakforum. He has an extensive and impressive collection of night vision gear and I am proud to show it off here. Look for his upcoming book on the subject hopefully in the near future. This particular unit was Czech assembled and made in the early 60's. Some of the parts exhibit Cyrillic writing on them but some of them have Czech inspection stamps too.

Most probably, all of the Warsaw Pact countries that built NV units used a fair amount of parts imported from the Soviet Union. Notice that it has a 35w infrared projector mounted on top of it because these early units were incapable of light intensification.

The box laying in the snow beside the rifle is the 6v power pack. It hangs on your belt and supplies power through the black wire seen running up to the scope. You were literally tethered to your rifle! At the time, it was cutting edge technology. Essentially an improved NSP-2, then 1PN34 had circuitry built into it that would shut the unit down temporarily should too much light enter the objective lens, thus protecting the intensifier tube.

Still, it could be easily damaged if subjected to too much light. Lighter and more user friendly than the NSP-3, the 1PN34, like all Soviet Gen 1 units, exhibits a fair amount of distortion as you move out from the center of the image.

This is referred to as "fisheye". If you've ever looked through one of those peephole lenses mounted in the door of a hotel room, you know what fisheye is. While it can be distracting at first, you quickly become accustomed to it and it ceases to be a significant problem. At first glance, it appears to be identical to the 1PN34 but there are significant differences in weight, electronics and image quality.

The electronics are simpler and more compact so the body of the unit could be more compact as well resulting in reduced weight.

The image exhibits less fisheye and the power source was more user friendly too. Where the 1PN34 used a liquid filled battery, the 1PN58 used a more reliable stack of solid cell batteries each akin to a greatly enlarged button cell. Additionally, the light source for the reticle was changed from a conventional incandescent bulb to a much more reliable and longer lasting lasting LED.

The unit shown was made in and it is still in general use today with Russian forces. A Gen 2 unit, the 1PN51 was an entirely new and compact design employing very sophisticated electronics for its time. Among other things, it utilized a single stage long life intensifier tube that entirely eliminated fisheye, was far more light sensitive than earlier units and featured the ability to self compensate for varying light levels entering the objective lens.

I'll also discuss adjustments and operation of each too.

NV goggles

I look forward to writing it and I hope you all look forward to reading it! Night Vision Overview. Home Concepts 5. Night Vision. Copyright Design downloaded from free website templates.View Full Version : Nspu 1pn Not sure this really belongs here as this is not really a sniper scope,more just general level night vision I thinks it's a Gen 1 night vision scope. Soviet or Eastern Bloc of some kind.

Our experts can correct or expand on it I just got one. Here it is mounted on a demilled RPG The scope 3. And if you notice from AKM's pic Wicked fish eye!!!!!! Yeah, it is, but playing with the scope for a while it becomes less noticeable.


Maybe eyes compensate for the fish eye I've had a few of the 1PN 34's as well as the 58 and the 51's. I shot them on my SVD's back when I lived in the wide open west. The 58 and the 34 are both very good scopes and the fisheye is evident but primarily around the edges. It will vary from scope to scope as well. On the good side, the cascade tube scopes like the 34 are very bright and there have been times that the 34 and 58 would pick up things that the gen 2 1PN51 would not.

The 51 has a clearer field of view but is not quite as bright. We made some shots with the 1st gen scopes at night at over yds that were pretty impressive.

They are not target grade scopes by any means but with proper zeroing and good technique it is possible to hit some fairly small targets at goodly ranges. The only real secret to it is moonlight or a very bright overcast. Its hard enough to see an 18" square plate at yds in the daylight with an optical scope and at night its much more difficult unless there is enough ambient light to amplify.

It is really cool to see the bullets flying through the air leaving glowing streaks in the scope and also the big flash when they hit the sand. I made an adapter to use 4 AAA batteries in the scope by getting a battery holder from radio shack that put 2 pairs of batteries in series for 3 volts. I've run one set of batteries for over 8 hours with no sign of dying. The later gen 2 scopes tend toward more battery use due to the way they work. Not sure if thats true of the US designs as well.

My experience I like the scopes. Question came from I just picked one up so wanted to get a few peoples thoughts regarding them. I've pretty much always wanted to pick one up mostly for the collection value and the price on this one could not be beat but also in the back of my head wondering how functional it would be for actual use as well.

Obviously it served the Soviet military as well as a few other nations very well and well enough to be produced for quite some time.We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners. It is our mission to encourage, organize, and support these efforts throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.


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Status Not open for further replies. Bronze Supporter. Trying to gather funds for a divorce attorney, motivated to sell! Let's just get that out of the way. My property is 16 acres and I put down a coyote at about m using this scope and my PSL.

Despite the ancient tech this scope is really nice and with the filter off surprisingly clear. The illuminated reticle can be clearly seen and the scope holds zero very well. Comes with carry case, eye piece, light-sealing eye piece, ballistic cams, scope, and red filter. Last edited: May 17, Navarretejerry Vancouver WA.

Hey what's up man was wondering if you would possibly interested in a trade? I have a APS M50 shell ejecting airsoft gun that shoots about fps you can also get higher power shells. It has a cheek riser as well as a 4x32 scope if you would be interested let me know.As I understand it these are the optics that entered service in the mid 90s to replace 1PN Like PN-6K5 which is the civilian version of 1PN both of these optics are the civilian version of 1PN93, and also appear to have downgraded electronics.

Both have civilian reticules and neither have any form of military ballistic cam like older Soviet night vision optics.

While these are a huge huge step up from 1PN34 and 1PN58 I am still on the bench whether they are more effective at seeing in the dark than 1PN51 is. Definitely lighter and more compact for sure, and a really nice change from the monolithic cold war era devices. Overall I do give the edge to the newer optics but it terms of viewing effectiveness under a broad range of lighting conditions it is not easy to be sure.

My observations so far are that in urban environments both are noticeably better than 1PN51 and do very well indeed, but in wide open fields under the stars I often feel like 1PN51 has the advantage. Both PN-6K and 6K1 do not perform extremely well inside of a house.

Usable, but the image is very grainy and blocky, the FOV is small and the magnification does not lend itself well to such a close ranged environment. Outdoors both PN-6K and 6K1 have noticeably smaller FOVs than most older night vision optics but this is not a limiting factor in their effectiveness. The difference is really quite remarkable between them. The nice thing about modern Russian night vision is the use of standard AA batteries This makes operating PN-6K extremely simple.

There are plenty of variations in how the barrels and FSB's are cut and it is very very easy to get a baffle strike even when it all seems eyeballed correctly. Special sight tool. This is the first optic I can remember seeing with this tool. PN-6K1 uses a regular sight tool or screw driver for windage and elevation. It can also use the PN-6K special tool. I have to say this is often a serious PITA. I am still working on the techniques but for now these will do. My friend posting a target is just over 6 feet tall.NPZ Optics.

The 1P59 sight is intended for carrying out aimed fire from the Dragunov sniper's rifle. The optical sight provides identification of a target and its distance from the shooter while automatically setting the aiming angles.


This type of scope allows aimed fire when having the visible magnification of 3xx in the daytime, twilight and at night. It is designed to fit on tripod-mounted heavy machine guns It is a daylight sight only and can in some instances be seen fitted to tank-mounted heavy machine guns.

It has variable magnification from 3x-6x power. The illuminated reticle also features a rangefinder but no hold-over aiming chevrons for elevation. Its illuminated reticle is powered by a 1. This scope has the IR detection screen and universal mount. From gunboards. They are made at the Tochpribor company that was a research facility for the Novosibirsk optics factory.

This brand not much known about or popular even in Russia. They have an illuminated reticle specially calibrated for the Tiger rifle. The range finder is width-based and can be used on targets out to meters.

Serving owners and enthusiasts since Other Russian Optics 1P59 x40mm variable power scope. This is the cutting edge of Russian daylight sniper scopes. From warefare.

Illuminated reticle and range finding scale A large objective lens that permits aimed fire in twilight and at night time settings. Cable leads to a large external battery that was carried in a backpack rucksack.This mod overhauls the original first-person point of view to true quality vision with every movement looking natural and every weapon behaving like its real counterpart.

Using items like med kits will be visible to you now, weapon jamming will have its own unique animation and upgrading your weapon will be another big point of your survival in S.

Electronic means of communication of the Russian army

Controller will now play with your mind so hard it can make you suicide. So reload your gun, prepare some pills and med kits before going out.

SVU sniper rifle preview and scope compatibility list. Posted by MaxPlayer on May 18th, SVU sniper rifle preview. It's recommended to watch the video in HD for the best experience.

Thanks for reading! Useful links: Official YouTube channel F. Frequently Asked Questions. Amazing quality as always.

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Views 7, 2 today. Related Mods.The Izhmash PP and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:. Original version of the Bizon, also known as "Bizon-1" introduced innow no longer manufactured. Chambered for 9x18mm Makarov, with a capacity of 64 rounds. This version was only available with a AKS -style left side folding stock. Upgraded, currently manufactured version of the PP, designated as the "Bizon-2".

This version introduced several changes, a redesigned flash hider to accept a suppressor and the introduction of three new calibers, the 9x19mm Para. An additional version, the "Bizon", has a top-folding stock instead of the side-folding stock. The most obvious visual differences between the old and new Bizon are the following: front and rear sight design, flash hider, magazine design and the point where it is attached under the front sight, and the size of the vent holes.

A variant with integrated Picatinny rails exists, known as the Vityaz-SN. Like the original weapon, it features a Picatinny rail on the dust cover. Jump to: navigationsearch. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Social Media Facebook Forum. Contents 1 PP Bizon 1. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.

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